22 May, 2015

Kylie Jenner Lip injection???

    Kylie Jenner, the 17 year old star of "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" reality show or best known as Kim Kardashian's youngest sister has been making headlines with her ever changing face, Not to mention her new bum...!  The young reality star has yet to let in on her beauty regiment, her new line of "plump lips" that everyone's raving about!

    Many are speculating that Kylie has gotten lip injections or may have possibly went under the knife to achieve her new face....!!!

    As seen in pictures walking along side her new beau, rapper Tyga, every picture is a hit. Jenner's new stylish locks has also been questioned and rated as best  ombre` this past season. Kylie has collaborated with Bellami Hair line that features her turquoise hair.

If you are wondering about Kylie Jenner's  reaction and response to the her lip injections headlines...

   The answer to that is "Kylie Jenner, is not a liar. Sometimes people wake up with new lips, cheeks, and chin. Happens all the time."

13 August, 2014

Justin Bieber Drag Racing goes wrong


Pop star Justin Bieber was arrested early Thursday morning in Miami Beach, Florida for speeding. He's being charged with a DUI. The teen was taken to (TGK) Turner Guildford Knight Correctional Center on January 23, 2014. After a night of partying and fun followed by a picture posted on Instagram by his R&B singer friend Khalil captioned...

      "Miami nights ridin thru yo city in that hot wheel."

"Ridin thru yo city" has went for a turn for the worse. The two young stars were seen in expensive 
rentals, Bieber in a Yellow Lamborghini and Khalil in a red Ferrari. Bieber was subsequently arrested after 
being pulled over by Miami Beach Police. Hours later the star was released, exiting the correctional center 
seen waving to a swarm of cheering fans as he enters a black suv.

Being in the limelight as a teen and an international pop star, many might consider one as a role model
to young adolescents all over the world. Now 19 years old, and getting bad press should parents be alarmed? Although adolescents are not entirely concerned with the consequences of bad actions. 
Considerably, being rebellious is all part of growing up. Something that many can vouch that they've took
 part in. From drinking, smoking, partying, and dating to soon, this incident shouldn't be taken by surprise
with passing bad judgment towards Bieber.

Are you still a Beliber...?

 Full Story: CNN
Other post:USA TODAY

26 January, 2014

2014 56th Grammy Awards Best Dressed!


The 56th Grammy Awards Annual was by far amazing! The red carpet was sizzling with beautiful people in great wardrobe. Beyoncé & her beau Jay-z, Katy Perry, Mackle Moore, Taylor Swift, Robin Thick, & Ariana Grande. With the best performances, nominees, & of course the top 10 best dressed of the night that made it glamorous.

     The number #1 choice from the top 10 best dressed list goes to Queen B (BeyoncĂ©`). With her new slim body, blonde jaw length tresses, deep plum lips & effortlessly see through lace gown she has viewers Drunk in love with her. Not only in her music but her fashion, she is a fashion killa and she gives power to the people!!! Wearing her designer dress by Michael Costello, simplicity, with a touch of sexy and femininity one can never go wrong. 

    Are you Drunk in love with Queen B...?


                                 #2              #3                #4

                               #5            #6              #7

                               #8              #9                #10

06 January, 2014

Vintage Boyfriend denim jackets are back!

 Last week was an awesome week to start fresh with a new "To do list." Happy birthdays, innovative designs and most of all a new year! I am currently playing with some of the top trends in the early 80's and  mixing and matching with current trends. Incorporating throwbacks into my closet has been fun.

Here I am wearing a boyfriend denim jacket, with my sleeves rolled up to give it more of a sporty vintage look. Also I wore a VIP boyfriend shirt, simple black and white with a mid thigh length to show off my legs, also to add a bit of hip and sexy!

| To get this look |
Where: denim jacket -thrift, VIP shirt- Forever21

29 December, 2013

Fuzzy Sweaters & things...

Hello Fashionista's, this weekend I came to you with a winter sweater and bold prints to spice up my Naomi Campbell walk. The sweater I am wearing is soft, fuzzy and still warm enough to rock in south Florida's mild winter weather. Also to add a bold look to my outfit, I wore a leopard print spandex. Minimal gold colored accessory and a bright red lipstick to make sure that all eyes are on me. Never be alarmed with what you wear, instead you should own it!

| To get this look |
Where: Forever21- Sweater, Forever21 - Spandex tights, Forever21 - Sunglasses, CharlotteRusse- Hoop Earrings & ribbon bracelet.

30 November, 2013

Forever21/American Apparel summer fun!

Ladies yes, it is officially Winter and it has been for quite a while. While the majority of the nation is freezing their rears off, i am in Florida having fun in the sun. Florida was not named the sunshine state for no reason, mean while i am wearing very bright colors and show stopping you might ask, "Why does she look like spring in the Winter?" Well, i break rules that's for sure! There is absolutely no rules against shining bright like a diamond during this season with bright colors like yellow, orange, pink, and white. Here are a few photos of myself on how i was soaking up the sun!

 Forever21: Skirt 
American Apparel: Blouse
Seek Unique boutique: cross earrings
Kay Jewelers: Peace bracelet
 Kay Jewelers: Necklace
 Forever21: Clutch

28 November, 2013

ThanksGiving Outfit

Hello to everyone & Happy Holidays! My outfit for Thanksgiving was simple but still fashionably hot for the season and day. I wore a multicolored Romper and paired it with a black strap on open toe heels, with a black snake skin clutch.

Where: Forever21-Romper & Clutch Traffic: Heels

24 August, 2013

Sally Hansen- Hard as Wraps Acrylic Gel + Nylon

Sally Hansen acrylic gel polish is a great way to keep my nails hard and to prevent them from chipping. With the exception of buying the product and doing my nails myself,  it was a lot less enexpensive than going to a nail salon shop. It only takes approximately 10 min out of my time to apply the gel and polish to my nails versus the half an hr that I would spend at a local nail salon shop. Being on a limited budget this $10 purchase saved me from spending $30. 

Acrylic gel + Nylon 

1. File and clip nails 
2. Rinse hands & dry 
3. Mosturise & fingers
4. Apply polish
5. Apply  2 coats of Acrylic Gel polish

Jimmy Choo outlet in Florida

Surprise, surprise ladies! If you are a shoe fanatic and your heels are higher then some people's standards than you are in shoe heaven! Jimmy Choo has reportedly arrived with a shoe outlet in Sunrise Florida at the Sawgrass Mills mall sometime this week. Choo has over 150 stores in 32 countries and he has finally made his mark in Florida. With shoes that are really high in price for the ladies that have no limitation in the cost of their shoes, from celebrities like Kerry Washington, princess Kate, and Beyonce that are not newbies to spending major bucks for a pair(s) of Jimmy Choo's. If you got it, why not buy it? 


Sawgrass Mills 12801 W. Sunrise Blvd in Sunrise Fl

Gardens Mall 3101 PGA Blvd. in Palm Beach

01 May, 2013

Burgundy's silenced statement

While everyone strutted they're burgundy colored clothes in the winter, I am breaking out this spring season with a flashy sophisticated attire to lesson the burgundy cool colors that was trending heavily last season.

As seen in the picture below this burgundy skirt blends well with my dark ebony skin and gives off an allusion that I am thinner and leaner. This burgundy skirt is naturally giving off a bold statement, so to lesson it's hype I paired it with a black sheer leopard collard blouse and a pair of strap nude pumps. Always remember not everyone trends along with the trend during its highest peak, be you! A flashy, yet sophisticated attire with minimal silver jewelry pieces to keep all eyes on me!

Blouse: Seek Unique Boutique
Skirt: Forever21
Jewelry: Kay Jewelers

Tip: Stay tuned for a SWK Vlog clip on 3 different ways to wear this burgundy pencil skirt.

26 January, 2013

Seek Unique Boutique coupons!

Seek Unique Boutique, one of my favorite go to local boutiques are having a 1 week blast off of $5 coupon off of your next purchase! As  one of my dearest friends Lizzy always said, "Every penny counts!" Every cent off any purchase makes a big difference. Seek Unique Boutique  is a fairly new boutique that offers so many different styles of the trendies current and old trends. Stop by today or any day beyond the 1 week blast using code SWK to retrieve this coupon.

Where: 6426 Pembroke rd Miramar, Fl 33023

15 January, 2013

Forever21 Grand Opening - Miami Beach

To all my local fashionista's living in South Florida, this weekend will be a grand opening of Forever21. Forever21 is one of the top clothing department store's and this weekend ladies you have the choice to party it up with your girl friends, Sisters, and mother. Celebrating with a DJ and other great treats. Come celebrate the new Forever 21 this Saturday, January 19, 2012

Tip: Doors open at 10 a.m.- The first 500 customers in line will receive a gift card!

Where: 785 Lincoln Rd Mall, Miami Beach, FL  33139

Valid on 1/19/13 only. See store for details

20 December, 2012

What is on your Christmas List?

This year my Christmas list contains 5 fabulous to die for items. Writing a christmas shopping list is a great way to stay within your budget and making sure that your love ones are happy with their gifts. My Christmas shopping list has 2 sections, for family, friends and a short list of 5 of my most wanted merchandices. As of this year my Christmas list contains the Jessica Simpson Fancy perfume, body lotion, and body wash set. A Micheal Kors watch, a pair of Addias sneakers, Twilight Saga, and a new pair of earrings! Always remember Christmas is not a day for giving its more of sharing great moments and celebrating good memories at the end of the year!

Whats on your Christmas shopping list?

26 November, 2012

Black Friday Blow Out sale Tips

Happy Thanksgiving to my family, friends, SWK followers, and most importantly to all the less fortunate people that are thankful for this holiday. As we all know Black Friday was the hot topic of this weekend and i started off my day with a low budget that will have me ready for this winter season. Fashionably hitting the streets with black knee high boots, ankle cheetah print boots, studs and a all white hoodie sweater cardigan.

#1. Cyber Monday
#2. Online shopping preorder items
#3. Wear comfortable sneakers, boots, or ballerina flats
#4. Bring 3 or 2 people that can tag along an help you shop
#5. Make a list

Boots: Traffic shoe store Cardigan: Ambiance apparel Earrings: Forever21

01 November, 2012

Wet Seal 2012 Model Search

 Wet Seal clothing department store are having a model Search. Many of us dream of owning the runway with our favorite store clothing line. Get ready because the casting is on, you to can be a model!

26 October, 2012

M.A.C Ruby Woo red lipstick

Recently i decided to head to the M.A.C cosmetic store located in the Aventura mall in search of a popping red lipstick! Knowing exactly what shade of red i was looking for, for just $15 i purchased this beautiful Ruby Woo red lipstick that goes lovely with my dark complexion. Although there are a few other shades of red that i wanted to take home with me but to stay within my monthly spending limit i made a run for it with just one lipstick. I have always been a fan,  M.A.C cosmetics is a great brand. The quality of the products and for the major fact that M.A.C works in harmony with women of color such as myself.

Tip: check label for ingredients to prevent irritation.

Where: M.A.C
Price: $15.00

22 September, 2012

Forever21 Leopard Print Thong Sandals

Forever21 is one of my favorite go to stores when it comes to fashion emergencies. Not once has Forever21 let me down and every time i went in i came out with a bargain and a big smile on my face! Yesterday i went shopping at the Boca Town Center mall in Forever21 located in Boca Raton and got these great pair of leopard print thong sandals for just $4.99

Its very comfortable with a spandex strap that goes around the ankle and it also comes in mulitple colors. How can any girl on earth go wrong this? Exactly, you cant! This is why i am sharing this with my Shop With Karen Shoppers.

Where: Forever21
Price: $4.99

10 September, 2012

Happy Birthday to me!!!

This past Sunday September 2nd, i turned 23 years old. I had a great time with family and friends. I decided to celebrate my birthday at the Grandlux resturant at the Aventura mall in Miami. Thank you everyone for wishing me a Happy Birthday!  Here are a few pictures of my big day that i want to share with my fellow fashionistas...

As you know a woman in a red dress always stands out within a crowd, so i made it my job to purchase this simple but classy red dress for just $40.00

Dress: American Apparel

03 August, 2012

Traffic platforms

Recently i have went shopping and been eyeing these platforms. These particular platforms arent as recognized as the platforms with the closed back. These shoes i purchased from Traffic shoe store at the Boca Town center mall are just $35, with multiple colors they are well underneath my monthly spending budget. I feel very much comfortable walking around in these platforms and because of its thick heel, i get enough support to not weight down heavy on the front of my feet. Be sure to get your pair ladies because they are on sale!

Where: Traffic shoe store
Price: $35

29 April, 2012

Summer Sandal's

Looking for the perfect sandal's this upcoming summer? Here are a few of my favorite finds. From the Ankle top gladiator, snake skin tribal sandal, floral sandal, to the knee high gladiator sandal how can a girl say no to that? Don't be afraid to expand your options, with plenty of fashionable finds this season. Tell us which one is your favorite and why?
Winni Strappy Gladiator Sandal

Price: Online $14.99
Reg: $19.99
Where: Target

Ginger Snap

Price: Was $60.00
Now: $44.99    
Where:Bakers Shoes                                                                 

Sugar Jazzed sandal

Price: $39.99
Where: Journeys

Rhinestone Gladiator Sandal

Price: $128.00
Where:  Victoria's Secret

The two chosen winners of SWK color block bracelets giveaway are & 
congratulations! Please claim your prize by sending us an email...

17 April, 2012

Joe's Jeans Boutique Opens in Aventura Mall

A great way to start of your weekend at Miami's finest mall is to come along and celebrate Joe's Jeans boutique! This coming weekend the successful Joe is coming to our town with the grand opening of his boutique that serves the ladies with the best styles of clothes. Joe has managed to open five other boutiques around the US and of course the beautiful sunshine state would have not been left out! Coming out with his latest styles of clothes, open to the public with his spring/summer 2012 collection along with entertainment bring your girlfriends and enjoy your time you would not want to miss out on this extravaganza. Be one of the few to experience the celebration of Joe's Boutique grand opening with music by DJ Dutch

If you are going...

Location: Aventura Mall
When: Thursday April, 19